Due to COVID-19 Fatherhood Focus is now offering online and phone Counseling and Family Support Sessions. Call today to schedule your no cost session and speak with a Counselor.

"Right now, a lot of what we're offering is just a listening ear. Sometimes people don't want to dig deep and really do the whole counseling thing, but they're stressed to the max and just need someone to talk to. Now might be the time that they are ready to begin counseling or family support services. While that's certainly true for just about everyone right now, parents are perhaps feeling the most stress as they balance working from home while caring for their kids. Many are having to be both parent and teacher, and that's never easy.

A lot of parents are at home with their kids, and we can offer tips on how they can use this time to connect as a family and strengthen their bond with each other."

Laura Lanford, STARRY Fatherhood Support Specialist 

Fatherhood Focus

STARRY’s Fatherhood Program provides counseling services to fathers and male caregivers living in Bell and McLennan counties with a child up to 17 years of age. Expectant fathers and male caregivers are also able to access our services. We provide evidence-based services through individual and family counseling, individual and family case management, parent skills groups, trainings, consultation services, and special events for fathers and their children.

All counseling services are provided at no cost to the fathers and male caregivers in the program. Furthermore, our Fatherhood program participates in community and regional-level collaboration work in order to best meet the needs of father. Thanks to DFPS Prevention and Early Intervention’s STAR Program funding, along with the generosity of our donors, services are provided at no cost to fathers and male caregivers. Insurance and money are never an issue as we serve clients from varying backgrounds and income levels.

Call 254-244-2400 or email fatherhoodinfo@starry.org to learn more about our services and to find out if we might be a good fit for you and your family.