STARRY Foster Care & Family Preservation is charged with providing therapeutic support to foster children, foster families, and biological families through family engagement services and case management services. 

Family Preservation Services reduce placement disruptions and help biological families overcome their own trauma while equipping them to become better parents.  This service builds a bridge between foster and biological families so they can communicate in a healthy, non-adversarial way that reduces conflict in both families, and ultimately create a peace and cohesion for children. 

Services include TBRI® coaching/training to foster families via in-home visits, phone calls, bi-monthly training webinars, and blog posts.  STARRY Staff also provide supervision and coaching during biological family visits.  STARRY is a member of the WILCO Family Recovery Collaborative and delivers intensive, trauma-informed counseling to CPS-involved biological families. 

STARRY is not currently accepting applications for new foster families. 

STARRY Foster Care and Family Preservation is a member of the Travis County Collaborative for Children (TCCC) and partners with TCU to implement Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) ® into our programs, which we believe will ultimately help every child from hard places to a path of healing.  STARRY is also a member of the Adoption Collaborative of Central Texas. 

To find out more about STARRY Foster Care & Family Preservation Services, please contact our office, or call 512-246-4276.