STARRY nurtures children, strengthens families, and restores hope through family counseling, fatherhood, and family preservation services. We provide high-quality client care that has a lasting impact on Texas families. Our diverse services are unified in our mission to increase the amount of Texas families who are connected and thriving.

STARRY offers comprehensive counseling and family support, rooted in professionalism and guided by grace and love. In our Fatherhood Program we take a father positive approach to champion the work that dads are doing. We also provide therapeutic support to biological families through family engagement and case management services. All of our programs have passionate and skilled staff who share the belief that our communities deserve an invested, trauma-informed, and high-quality agency to walk alongside families as they learn and grow. We hope you will learn more and partner with us!

STARRY provides trauma-informed care to clients by using Trust-Based Relational Intervention®. We work to meet the holistic needs of children by using the TBRI® principles of connecting, empowering, and correcting.