Coaching is for every dad. You set the goals; we work together to build the plan and to execute it. What you choose to work on is up to you, whether that’s managing success, navigating relationships, or overcoming internal barriers. The key word is WORK! One-on-one coaching typically lasts 3-6 months and requires dedication and commitment for maximum results. One-on-one coaching provides you as a father or male caregiver with a coach who will help you to sharpen your skills. Because teamwork makes the dream work, Family Coaching is also available.


Half-time is the point in the game where no matter if you’re winning, losing, or the game is all tied up, you have the opportunity to come together, strategize and put together a winning plan. This is a time for fathers and male care givers to come together and have open conversations about the victories and challenges of fatherhood. This is a place for fathers and father figures to freely share and discuss what it means to be a father. You’ll leave inspired and energized.


Welcome to the Dad Squad! F.I.T. Camp is a transformative series for fathers and father figures who are looking to learn, grow, or just recharge. At F.I.T. Camp both new and veteran fathers will receive a fatherhood playbook, meet other fathers, and benefit from father-centered topics. Oh, and fathers don’t forget to bring your “A” game for the right to be named a F.I.T. Camp Champ!

F.I.T. Camp series are scheduled throughout the year both virtually and in person. Contact us for next available dates.

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