STARRY needs you! Giving back to others can be one of the most rewarding things you have ever done. We really appreciate our volunteers who help improve the quality of life for all of the children in care at STARRY. We count on friends, volunteers, donors, and other supporters to help us enrich their lives every day.

Want to volunteer at STARRY? Check out our current volunteer opportunities!

There are many ways you can help by giving your time as a volunteer, helping provide items on our Current Needs list, participating in a special event, or supporting us financially.

For more information or to donate items, please email the Volunteer Office or call 512-246-4283.

Some volunteer assignments may require background checks, particularly those that will place volunteers in close proximity to children in care.



Some volunteer activities will be identified as “family friendly” and children are welcome. Other activities may not be appropriate for children under the age of 16. When in doubt, check with the agency’s volunteer coordinator. We do not provide child care for volunteers.

Opportunities to interact with children are very limited, for a variety of reasons. Under state law, a full background check is required before a volunteer can have contact with children. Even if a background check is completed, we place the interests of the child above all else. Not every child will welcome a volunteer’s efforts, no matter how well-meant. In addition, there often are privacy and confidentiality issues, which will vary from child to child.

There is no age limit, although we ask that teenagers be accompanied by an adult at all times. Opportunities for those age 12 and under are limited to activities identified as “family friendly.”

No. We welcome volunteers who can coordinate drives aimed at fulfilling one of the items on our Current Needs List. These can be conducted anywhere at any time by any individuals, church group, business or organization. Just keep the volunteer coordinator aware of your plans.