As of January 1, 2023, STARRY Foster Care is now a Legacy Program as we have transitioned to a sole-focused Family Preservation program.

Throughout the years of STARRY’s Foster Care program, we served 1,230 children in placements to loving foster homes and celebrated 222 adoptions into forever families. We have tremendous gratitude for the foster families and individuals who partnered with us over the years. Your care and passion have truly made a difference in the lives of many children.

STARRY Family Preservation

STARRY continues to serve families who are at risk of being involved in the CPS system—just in a different capacity. Over the last several years, national and state efforts have focused on the development and embracing of a Family Preservation model within the foster care system.

This provides more mental health support and preventative case management services to children and their biological families. The culmination of these changes leads to a shift toward an ‘upstream’ approach—to help biological families gain the resources and tools needed to be reunified with their children; or, to keep their children from ever needing to enter into the system.

What is STARRY’s Family Preservation program?

STARRY Family Preservation is charged with providing therapeutic support to biological families through family engagement services and case management services.

Family Preservation Services reduce placement disruptions and help biological families overcome their own trauma while equipping them to become better parents. This service builds a bridge between foster and biological families so they can communicate in a healthy, non-adversarial way that reduces conflict in both families, and ultimately create peace and cohesion for children.

STARRY is a member of the WILCO Family Recovery Collaborative and delivers intensive, trauma-informed counseling to CPS-involved biological caregivers.

The newest and most exciting initiative of STARRY’s Family Preservation is our partnership with the Georgetown Health Foundation. In January 2023, the Georgetown Health Foundation launched a Family Resource Center (FRC) with STARRY being the “backbone” agency managing daily operational logistics, outreach, and programming.

The new FRC has brought multiple agencies together to create comprehensive, wraparound services and supports for families in need that are living in Georgetown, Texas. This center is located in the former Carver Elementary School building at 1200 W. 17th Street in Georgetown. Our staff is excited to build a connection between families and learn from the community about their strengths and needs.

STARRY’s Family Preservation staff includes TBRI Practitioners, N.E.A.R. Science Master Trainers, Parent Café Moderators, experienced Home Visit Case Managers, Resource Navigators, and many other family support personnel who are excited to share their knowledge through the FRC. Our newest funded opportunity from United Way of Greater Austin will help us welcome in two Community Health Workers who will use the Pathways Community Hub Institute® model to help families get connected to the services they need.

Together, we can support families as they grow and strengthen our Georgetown community!

The Carver Center for Families

The Carver Center for Families is a welcoming community hub with services and activities for all. It’s a place for families to gather, have fun, share wisdom and grow stronger. The Carver Center is committed to ensuring the community’s voice is heard, respected, and utilized in determining resources and programs offered.

The CCF offers a variety of programs and events, such as parenting support, healthy social connections, job training, and more; all at little or no cost! To learn more please email


To find out more about STARRY Family Preservation Services, please contact our office, or call 512-882-4260.