STARRY is shining brighter than ever for Texas children and Families

As we celebrate 30 years of nurturing children, strengthening families, and restoring hope, we focus on continuing the great mission across the 30+ counties we serve. With your support, our opportunities to serve children, families, and communities are boundless.

YOU are the next generation of passionate, engaged, and generous collaborators.

You are the heart and soul of the next 30 years.

You are the staff, the stakeholders, the donors, the served, and the serving.

You are the agents of nurture and the sustainers of strength, and the rays of hope

that will fuel the next decade of service and beyond.

We invite you to join us! Watch the video below and hear from Richard Singleton, STARRY’s CEO.

The Carl C. Anderson Sr. & Marie Jo Anderson Charitable Foundation has provided a wonderful, generous opportunity to match up to $25,000.

Text-to-Give: Text the word "GIVE" to 512-271-4886

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