Holly Pompa works for Bexar County Restorative Practices as a Training and Technical Assistance Professional (TTAP). She is an Arizona State University and Barrett Honor College graduate. During college, she found a love for teaching and fostering understanding. She began working in Texas public schools as a bilingual English teacher. After several years of teaching, both here and abroad, she decided to begin a more specialized career in education, which brought her to Bexar County. At the Office of Criminal Justice, she worked with the Bexar County dispute Resolution Center to implement a peer mediation and conflict resolution education program in partners schools. Throughout her education and professional journey she gravitated towards community building and restorative mindsets. She feels so privileged to be a part of this team of professionals, working to improve outcomes for youth in Texas.

When not working, she tends to be a homebody with plenty of half-done craft/hobby projects waiting to be finished.