Nita Riggins, BSW, LCCPA #D14801, LBSW #55397, Director of the Carver Center for Families

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Nita is the Director of the Carver Center for Families at STARRY. She is a Licensed Social Worker, Trust Based Relational Intervention Practitioner®, and N.E.A.R. Science Master Trainer who is committed to improving outcomes for families through supportive healing relationships. She began her social work career in Wichita Falls, Texas where she served as a Violent Crime Victim’s Advocate for 6 years. Upon relocating to Central Texas, she transitioned to the field of Foster Care and Adoption. Nita began working for STARRY Foster Care in 2012 as a Case Manager. She was then promoted to Foster Care Coordinator in 2014 and became the Director of Foster Care and Adoption in 2017, leading the program in becoming the first Child Placing Agency in the area to create a program focusing solely on supporting biological parents and reunification.

In 2022, STARRY elected to fully embrace their efforts in supporting biological families and shift their services upstream. Nita has helped lead this initiative to reduce childhood trauma through connecting with families prior to CPS involvement. This work is Nita’s focus through the new Georgetown Family Resource Center, of which she is the Director. The Family Resource Center is a partnership of the Georgetown Health Foundation and STARRY.