Robert Petty is a Training and Technical Assistance Professional (TTAP) for STEP UP Texas in Grayson County. He has 7 years in the Juvenile Justice System for Grayson County, as well as certifications as a TBRI Practitioner and JSO Certified. I have been happily married to my wife, Anna, for nearly a decade. Anna is a kindergarten teacher in Grayson County, and together, we are blessed with two amazing children, Anderson and Madelyn. Our journey began in Alaska, where I was stationed in the Army, and it was there that Anna and I exchanged our vows. Our son, Anderson, came into the world on the Army base where I was stationed, creating a cherished memory. When I’m not working, I treasure spending quality time with my family. My son and I share a passion for sports, spending hours watching games together. On the other hand, I enjoy tea parties and quality bonding moments with my daughter, Madelyn. As for my personal interests, I find immense joy in hunting, fishing, and being an avid supporter of the Rangers, Longhorns, Cowboys, and Mavericks. Additionally, I relish any opportunity to hit the golf course and enjoy a round of golf.